An effective inventory system contributes to your bottom line. Beyond just tracking inventory depletion, Restaurant Manager’s™ Inventory Control module gives you a detailed understanding of consumption so you can implement procedures that eliminate theft and waste.

The Inventory Control module also includes a basic, easy to configure Stock Counter mode that provides many of the benefits of full-blown Inventory Control without all the set-up work. Restaurant Manager gives you the power and flexibility to access accurate inventory information, keeping you more informed so you can make better decisions. Whether you choose to implement total inventory control for the ultimate in tracking, or to use the Stock Counters mode for rea...

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temp-post-imageEngaging customers with a custom mobile app for your restaurant is the perfect way to increase sales. Here are 10 reasons why your restaurant should have a mobile app.

1. It's not very expensive. For $50 per month or less, you could have your restaurant's own custom mobile app. The return can be quickly realized through using some of the many functions available, such as mobile ordering, reservations, client loyalty, pop up messaging and more.

2. Other restaurants already have their apps on your customers' phones. Your customers are already working with your competitors in this way, now is the time to get involved!

3. 69% of consumers already use their mobile devices to order food.

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Email campaigns are one of the most effective ways that a restaurant can engage customers, increase sales and grow your brand. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your email marketing.

1. Be personal. Insert customers' first names throughout your email marketing to personalize the experience for them.

2. Create exclusive offers. Give your customers what they want - a personal VIP experience. Create promotions to send through email that they can't get anywhere else.

3. Be creative. With so many emails pouring into inboxes every day, you have to stand out. Design clever messages that will grab their attention.

4. Build your list in every way possible. Market the program throughout your restaurant and online. Running social media...

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temp-post-image Data breaches in restaurants seem to be common place. Just days ago, Arby's announced that hundreds of their locations were hacked and sensitive data was stolen. The threat of being attacked by cyber thieves is very real for restaurants of all sizes. Larger chains are susceptible because of the volume of information, but smaller businesses are also at risk. A smaller restaurant may be perceived by a thief as being an easy target because they lack the IT resources to adequately protect themselves.

We hear about breaches at large chains like Wendy's and Arby's, but what about attacks carried out on the unsuspecting independent restaurateur? Hackers prey on these operators that are often ill-prepared for an attack, and the financial setbac...

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Every square inch of your restaurant should be promoting your message. But, in order to really do this effectively, you have to have a marketing plan. Having a plan in place also gives you something to go back to and measure results. From there, you can tweak your strategies to increase their effectiveness.

These are the sections of a simple marketing plan to get you started:

Opportunities. Look for places where your target customer would typically be, to discover opportunities for marketing to them. For example, if families with young children are your target, sponsoring a sports team could be an opportunity.

Competitive Edge. What do you do better? Decide what it is and use that in your marketing message.

• Marketing...

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Cut costs, speed service, and increase customer satisfaction with customer facing technology.

The RM Kiosk self-ordering technology for iPad is a customer facing restaurant POS system from the leader in mobile POS solutions for the foodservice industry. Rm Kiosk offers restaurants, bars, and nightclubs a fully integrated solution for on-site customer self-service.

Allow guests to view your menu, select items, and place their order themselves with this sleek iPad POS app. whether iPads are used as kiosk stations in QSRs, bards, or nightclubs or placed on tables in full service restaurants, RM Kiosk helps boost your bottom line!

Providing Solutions to Real Business Problems

Restaurant Manager focuses on critical business issues facing toda...

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Killarney‘s Publick House in Hamilton, NJ provides a perfect spot to watch a game and enjoy a pint while dining on traditional Irish fare.

That kind of atmosphere keeps the crowd coming in, the staff hopping and the management focused on ensuring smooth operations. For owner Jack Manousos, this task has been made a great deal easier thanks to Restaurant Manager‘s RM Monitor.

RM Monitor is a powerful service that allows owners and managers to gain real-time visibility into key operational and management data from any smart phone. Through access to information such as sales data, labor and cost ratios, and employee hours worked, as well as the ability to receive key alerts on items like overtime hours worked, voids and deletion...

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Designed specifically for independent restaurants and regional chains, the Customer Loyalty Module in the Restaurant Manager POS System helps restaurants put down roots in their community and reward loyal, local patrons.

The Client Loyalty Module facilitates the implementation and tracking of creative rewards programs that build genuine loyalty and differentiate regional businesses from national chains.

Restaurants that offer Customer Loyalty programs and promote them via Facebook and other social media, attract increased traffic and realize higher check averages, as well. The added revenue that comes with attracting, say five additional customers per day or increasing the average spend by as little as 2% means most restaurants can earn ...

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The Millennial Generation is now the largest population group in the United States, comprised of over 80 million people ages 18 to 34. To put that into perspective, Millennials have already spent $247 billion on dining out, and will quickly surpass the total by the Baby Boomer Generation. Looking at these numbers, the Millennial Generation is now THE generation that restaurants need to cater to.

So how do you position your restaurant to be successful in attracting this generation? Technology, dining trends, and community involvement.

Modern technology is essential to reaching Millennials. Always plugged in, Millennials want to feel connected to their peers and the businesses they frequent, through social media platforms like Facebook, In...

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If you’re like most restaurant owners and operators, often times, you probably wish you could be two places (or more) at once. There’s always something to do: from communicating with staff and customers to checking in on sales and everything in between. And, if you’re like most restaurateurs, updating your restaurant point-of-sale software is one of the last things on your mind. Did you know that some POS providers offer cloud-based services that already integrate with your existing restaurant POS software?


Utilizing the full range of restaurant POS options available to you can help you operate your business more efficiently and profitably.

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