10 Reasons You Should Have A Mobile App

temp-post-imageEngaging customers with a custom mobile app for your restaurant is the perfect way to increase sales. Here are 10 reasons why your restaurant should have a mobile app.

1. It's not very expensive. For $50 per month or less, you could have your restaurant's own custom mobile app. The return can be quickly realized through using some of the many functions available, such as mobile ordering, reservations, client loyalty, pop up messaging and more.

2. Other restaurants already have their apps on your customers' phones. Your customers are already working with your competitors in this way, now is the time to get involved!

3. 69% of consumers already use their mobile devices to order food.

4. 75% of time spent on mobile for restaurants is in apps.

5. 62% of people are less likely to order food from a restaurant if they can't view the menu on a mobile device.

6. Most mobile apps have high ratings in the app stores. This means that people like these apps.

7. It's still early in the game. There is time for you to get in on the beginning of this trend, rather than waiting until later when people have lots of these apps loaded on their phones. 62% of people surveyed had 1 or 2 restaurant apps on their phone now. Now's the time to get in on this while there is still so much room for growth.

8. All the big guys are doing it. If it's good enough for Outback, then it's good enough for you. These big-name restaurants have the money to investigate these trends, and they're all saying this is the way to go. The nice part about this though - it's affordable for small independents also. It costs less than $500 to have an app designed that is just as awesome as one of these big chains.

9. There's more to it than just food ordering. There are push notifications, reservations, photo gallery, mapping, coupons, electronic punch cards, menus, social media integration and more.

10. It's simple to get started. You call us at 404-249-9449, ask for Katy, and tell me you want a mobile app. It will take a 20 minute conversation and within 10 days you'll have your own mobile app and be even more ready to grow your business.

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