Attract New Customers & Promote Repeat Business

Designed specifically for independent restaurants and regional chains, the Customer Loyalty Module in the Restaurant Manager POS System helps restaurants put down roots in their community and reward loyal, local patrons.

The Client Loyalty Module facilitates the implementation and tracking of creative rewards programs that build genuine loyalty and differentiate regional businesses from national chains.

Restaurants that offer Customer Loyalty programs and promote them via Facebook and other social media, attract increased traffic and realize higher check averages, as well. The added revenue that comes with attracting, say five additional customers per day or increasing the average spend by as little as 2% means most restaurants can earn a terrific return on their investment in Restaurant Manager's Customer Loyalty Module.

If your business goal is to fill empty tables, Customer Loyalty can help with that. It enhances the bond that existing customers already have with your restaurant.

If you business goal is to increase revenue, Customer Loyalty can help with that. It builds repeat business by incenting customers to return again and again.

If your business goal is to exceed customer expectations, Customer Loyalty can help with that. It gives you valuable insight into purchasing habits of specific segments of your customers, which allows you to target promotions to them.

Establishing a flexible program is easy!

  • Set awards based on number of visits, dollar value purchased or number of items purchased. For example, buy 10 get one free, spend $100 and receive a free entree or visit five times and receive $5 off your next purchase.
  • Issue awards multiple ways, including automatic application of discounts, applying an award amount to the check or adding a reward message to the bottom of the check.
  • Administer and place customers in multiple programs while allowing them to use multiple phone numbers and addresses, or even let multiple customers use the same phone number - perfect for offices that tend to order frequently.

When you're using Client Loyalty and deciding on what items to offer as promotions, make sure to use a menu engineering report first. Look for the highest profit items so that you can really maximize your use of this valuable module.

If you would like to discuss Client Loyalty in more detail, or explore other marketing ideas for your restaurant or bar, please contact us at (404) 249-9449 or by email. We will assign a qualified Project Manager to assist you.