Increase Profit Margins by Reducing Your Costs

An effective inventory system contributes to your bottom line. Beyond just tracking inventory depletion, Restaurant Manager’s™ Inventory Control module gives you a detailed understanding of consumption so you can implement procedures that eliminate theft and waste.

The Inventory Control module also includes a basic, easy to configure Stock Counter mode that provides many of the benefits of full-blown Inventory Control without all the set-up work. Restaurant Manager gives you the power and flexibility to access accurate inventory information, keeping you more informed so you can make better decisions. Whether you choose to implement total inventory control for the ultimate in tracking, or to use the Stock Counters mode for real-time and on-demand cost saving capabilities, the Inventory Control module is intuitive and easy to use.

Providing Solutions to Real Business Problems
Restaurant Manager focuses on critical business issues facing today’s restaurant owner. With Restaurant Manager you
get the fully-integrated functionality to solve the business issues, as well as expertise to meet your unique business
needs and goals.


The Functionality You Need
It’s easy to create recipes that link inventory items to menu items. Once activated, the system manages stock levels
based on those recipes, keeping an accurate count of stock levels at all times. You may also opt to track depletions by
customer count or by day. Manual depletions can also be recorded with the touch of a button.

When you define minimum stock levels, the system will automatically generate “shopping lists” to help you replenish
the inventory. These lists may be grouped according to vendor, or by inventory category and even provide an estimated
budget for replenishing the inventory back to desired levels.

You can also import vendor purchase information or receive items by creating a purchase order, where you have access
to price history look-ups by product or vendor, giving you the tools you need to quickly create an order.
Using variance reports, par level or re-order reports and real-time Stock Counter reports the Inventory Control module
provides all the reports you need to effectively manage your inventory. One of the most useful reports helps you
manage your menu for maximum revenue enhancement, identifying menu items with high margins that should be
promoted and menu items with low margins where the recipe should be adjusted or the price recalculated.
The system will even recommend the selling price of products based on the recipe cost, allowing you to specify the
amount of margin needed on any product.