Writing A Restaurant Marketing Plan

Every square inch of your restaurant should be promoting your message. But, in order to really do this effectively, you have to have a marketing plan. Having a plan in place also gives you something to go back to and measure results. From there, you can tweak your strategies to increase their effectiveness.

These are the sections of a simple marketing plan to get you started:

Opportunities. Look for places where your target customer would typically be, to discover opportunities for marketing to them. For example, if families with young children are your target, sponsoring a sports team could be an opportunity.

Competitive Edge. What do you do better? Decide what it is and use that in your marketing message.

Marketing Materials Strategy. Brand everything. Make a plan for including your logo and marketing message in everything you do, from the parking lot to the back of the house.

Pricing Strategy. Consider your demographics when pricing your menu. Ask your POS provider to help you schedule automatic price changes at designated times.

Promotions Strategy. Run some menu engineering reports from your POS system to determine the highest profit items and the hours of the lowest sales. Use that data to decide on which items to promote at exactly what times.

Advertising Strategy. Relying on your demographics research, determine the best advertising methods to use, such as radio or print. For inside your restaurant, use every possible bit of real estate that you can to advertise. Make sure you have your logo and marketing message on your receipts as well.

Selling Strategy. Define a solid client loyalty program and employee training for teaching them how to sell. Then, make sure to retrain them. Run employee sales contests through your point-of-sale system.

Mobile App. Reach more customers by having a native mobile app customized for your restaurant.

Website. Design a simple website that offers online ordering, then make a plan to promote this to your social media networks.

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