Resturant Manager FAQs


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Do I also have to buy hardware?

No. Everything is included in one low monthly price.

How much is the down payment?

ZERO.  There is no upfront cost.

What if something breaks?

No problem, we have you covered with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.  We’ll send you a replacement immediately.

Do you offer online ordering?

Yes! Customers can order and pay on your website and it will print right to your kitchen.

Is this system cloud-based?

No.  The internet doesn’t affect your system.

Is support included?

Yes, you will have live support 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Do I have to pay extra for any of your features?

Only for Online Ordering and Kitchen Video Display.  Other than that, everything is included in one low monthly price.

Who programs the system?

We do.  For FREE, our team will put in all of your menus, drinks, table layout and employees.

What is the average hold time for support calls?

Less than 1 minute.

Does your system integrate with Quickbooks?

Yes. All of your sales and labor data can be automatically put into Quickbooks.

Can I create and text employee schedules?

Yes. You can also send automatic schedule reminders to your employees by text.

Can I be notified when an item is deleted?

Yes, you can receive a text message for deletions and other red flags in the restaurant.

Can I manage my inventory with this system?

Yes, Inventory Management is included and very powerful.  You will always know your food costs and inventory levels.

Are iPads compatible?

Yes, any size of iPad will work.

Can I check my sales reports from home?

Yes, we offer an app for your iPhone, as well as an online portal.

Can I take reservations with your system?

Yes, we have built in reservations included with every system.

Can I split the checks on a table?

Definitely and very quickly.  Splitting checks is very easy with Restaurant Manager.

Can I text message my customers?

Yes, text marketing comes built in.  You can even automatically send out texts on birthdays and anniversaries.

Can I create happy hour specials?

Yes, promotional pricing is easy to set up and will happen automatically.

Can I offer a kiosk for my customers to ring up their own orders?

Yes, customer kiosks are available and affordable to add.

Does caller ID work with your system for my call in orders?

Yes.  All of a customer’s prior orders will also be displayed, making the call as quick as possible.

How can I notify a customer when their table is ready?

Press one button and a text message will be sent to the customer.

Do you have any bar drink recipes included with the system?

Yes, hundreds of them.  Your bartenders can pull them up and print them anytime.

Do fingerprint readers work with your system?

Yes. They can be used to prevent ‘buddy punching’ and protect manager functions.

How long does it take from the time I say yes to the time my system is up and running?

About two weeks total.  We can expedite things though if you need it quicker.

Can I get a demo?

Yes, call us at 404-249-9449 or CLICK HERE to schedule a demonstration.

Have additional questions? Call us at 404-249-9449.