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Credit card data security and identity theft are in the news a lot these Days -- but did you realize these crimes could affect YOUR business?

Someone could easily hack into your POS system and steal the credit card data stored there. Or a thief could get himself hired as a waiter and read account numbers directly off the credit cards handed to him by your customers. In either case your business could suffer serious consequences including:

  • The loss of reputation with your customers

  • Increased transaction fees from your credit card processors

  • Liability for the losses suffered by your customers

  • Additional fines from the credit card processors

  • The loss of all credit card processing services

Any of these outcomes would have a very negative impact on your business!

GlobalTech POS knows how to safeguard the security of your credit card transactions. Not only do we sell the fully CISP Certified Restaurant Manager™ POS application, we also can setup the firewall and provide you with training in the business procedures required to meet the data security standards (DSS) of the Payment Card Industry (PCI)

GlobalTech POS can also configure your POS System with a Pay-at-the-Table solution that allows credit cards (and gift cards) to be swiped right at tableside. Pay-at-the-Table not only reassures restaurant patrons that skimming can’t happen you your establishment, it also speeds table turns by making the settlement process much quicker and easier.