Write On Handheld

Revolutionary Yet Intuitive

The Write-On Handheld is a complete POS solution that runs on a variety of wireless handheld devices, including Apple’s iPod touch. The Write-On app works seamlessly with the Restaurant Manager POS System so servers can take orders and process payments* right at tableside, using intuitive abbreviations and other common text messaging techniques. When servers are not comfortable with text messaging, they simply pick up a stylus and use the Write-On the same way they use a pencil and pad, thanks to the Write-On’s variable modes of data entry.

Measurable Bottomline Impact

Installed as an order taking tool in hundreds of restaurants nationwide, the Write-On app is already proven to enhance customer service, boost check averages and speed table turns. Most restaurants see increased revenues of 4% to 11% within weeks of installing a Write-On Handheld system.



How the Write-On Handheld Helps

Faster Service

Servers can send drinks and appetizers to prep printers before they even finish taking an order. Getting these items to the table quickly means the customer is more likely to order a second round of drinks or find time for dessert, resulting in a higher average spend. When servers have real-time access to 86- ed items and other messages from the kitchen, less time is lost correcting orders after the fact.

Fewer Missed Sales

Servers spend more time on the floor, less time lining up at a POS Station to enter an order.When servers are close by customers are more likely to add to their original order.

More Up-Selling Opportunities

Prompts and forced modifiers help servers suggest menu items that result in a higher average spend.

Increased Table Turns

When food and drinks are served more quickly, the customer spends less time at the table. When payments are processed right at tableside, customers need not wait for their credit card to be returned. Space once taken up by fixed POS stations can be used to add more tables to the floor.

Cost saving features in the Write-On app can also have a huge bottomline impact. Many restaurants using the Write-On Handheld report significant cost reductions.



How the Write-On Handheld Helps

Less Fraud & Waste

Managers can get an alerts and give permissions on the Write-On Handheld anytime they are needed to authorize a password protected operation. They also receive automatic “Fraud Alerts” when pre-defined conditions are met, such as excessive voids, item deletions, check re-prints, etc.

Fewer Errors & Comps

Prompts and forced modifiers ensure that servers always ask about cooking instructions and side dishes. Items are never left off the check and servers are prevented from ordering items that have been 86-ed.

Reduced Labor Costs

More tables can be assigned to each server without compromising service because the Write-On shaves from 2 to 10 minutes off the time it takes to input an order in the POS system.

Less Training Time

With easy access to the entire menu, including daily specials, servers need not memorize the menu to be effective. With an intuitive user interface that emulates the UI of Apple devices like the iPhone and the iPod touch, most servers can operate the Write-On with very little training.

Improved Server Retention 

With fewer servers working not only do labor costs go down but tip earnings go up, making for a more satisfied workforce.

Greener Business Practices

Typically a system of five fixed POS Stations can be replaced by two fixed stations and eight to 10 handhelds, resulting in 10Kw hours of energy savings per day. Consumption of pencils and pads is greatly reduced.